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Why is Organ transplant the best in India?

Why is Organ transplant the best in India?

  • November 12, 2021

What makes India one of the preferred countries for medical tourism worldwide is its critical care specialization. Its patient-focused and yet cost-effective care is available for safe organ transplants, which in turn, are life-saving to critical care patients. Here’s a look at the reasons why thousands of medical tourists trust India with medical transplants and their recovery.

1. India has a 90% success rate of organ transplants

India has achieved quite significant milestones in the domain of transplant surgeries, and records a 90% success rate with 100% safety of donors. Moreover, India’s world-class hospitals have performed complicated transplant successful surgeries for more than two decades. The first liver pediatric transplant was conducted successfully in 1998 in New Delhi. The first cadaver transplant happened in 1998 as well, and the first successful liver transplant of a HIV patient was done in 2008.

2. India’s transplant surgeries are cost-effective in comparison

Compared to other countries like the US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore or Japan, the cost of transplant surgeries in India is comparatively less. India has centers of excellence for kidney transplants, liver transplants, bone marrow transplants, heart transplants, lung transplants, stem cell transplants, and pancreas transplants. In spite of its world-class facilities, the costs involved are really low and well within the budget of medical tourists, so that the road to recovery isn’t a difficult one. Though costs vary from patient to patient, a kidney transplant in India costs around 15,000 USD whereas a liver transplant costs 55,000 USD. As for stem cells, it is around 7000 USD.

3. India has renowned hospitals to take care of organ transplants

What makes medical tourists trust Indian hospitals with complicated transplant surgeries is their patient-focused care, advanced infrastructure and incredible facilities. While 350+ hospitals in India are accredited by NABH, some renowned hospitals like Manipal Hospital, BLK Hospital, Apollo, Fortis Escort, Artemis, and Medanta go forward to meet high international standards of quality, service, and practice. To name some more advanced hospitals that have a high success rate of organ transplants, we must include Global Hospital, Jaypee Hospital, and Max Super Specialty.

India also has renowned transplant surgeons who are known for due-diligence and best practices worldwide. The availability of alternative therapies makes recovery a fast and successful process for medical tourists and Indian nationals.

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