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Why is India one of the most popular countries for medical tourism?

Why is India one of the most popular countries for medical tourism?

  • October 28, 2021

Medical tourism refers to the process of traveling outside one’s country of residence to receive medical treatment in another country. Originally, medical tourists traveled from less developed countries to more developed ones for advanced healthcare facilities. However, this decade has seen medical tourists from across the globe, cross borders and boundaries to opt for medical treatment that’s advanced and yet cost-effective in places like Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

As expenses for medical treatment skyrocket in developed and first-world countries, medical tourists in search of good treatment look at these prime destinations to get their lives back on a happy and healthy track. However, what makes India a top destination for medical tourism?

Other than cost-effective care, here are the top 3 reasons that make India one of the most popular countries for medical tourism:

1.  Streamlined and efficient visas

While developed countries have elaborate and exhaustive processes to obtain a visa, India has made its visa provisions easy, clear, and streamlined in the last decade. Hence, medical tourists opt for a choice that is hassle-free.

Moreover, most medical tourism providers in India offer complete services that include obtaining a visa too, and thus medical tourists or patients can just leave the bureaucratic details to accredited healthcare providers while focusing on recovery.

2. Use of latest technologies

Indian healthcare is known worldwide for its internationally acclaimed doctors who provide patient-focused primary care to national and international patients. Moreover, Indian hospitals are advanced and well-equipped with the latest technologies that provide services that are standardized and yet world-class.

Advanced healthcare facilities make India a prime location for medical tourists, and as all medical staff is proficient in their work as well in English, there’s no language barrier or chance of miscommunication in India.

3. Prevalence of AYUSH or alternative treatments

What makes India a great choice for medical tourists is its practice of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. Medical tourists get a range of therapies to choose from or alternative treatments that can result in faster and better recovery.

Often patients prefer alternative treatment methods post-surgery. As India is well acclaimed in its Ayurveda practices, medical tourists prefer to come here for faster revival and recovery.

However, the most important reason for medical tourists flocking to India still remains the low and affordable healthcare facilities available in the country. This is true even for life-threatening conditions like bone marrow transplants, kidney transplants, and cancer. It is the trust that medical tourists have in the potential of Indian doctors and Indian hospitals and healthcare facilities that makes them choose India as their destination.

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