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Everything you need to know about Bypass Surgery in India

A cardiac bypass surgery is usually recommended when a patient has a blockage in one or more coronary arteries and angioplasty isn’t an appropriate form of treatment. It is aimed to restore one’s normal lifestyle, and lower the risk of heart problems. A lot of medical tourists trust India for bypass surgeries. In addition to offering excellent...

Save big by getting safe cosmetic surgery in India

Whether it is for medical reasons or personal ones, everyone deserves a makeover. If your country makes you feel like cosmetic surgery is only reserved for the rich, it’s time to look elsewhere and opt for medical tourism. While there are a number of countries you could visit, India has risen to become a top player in cosmetic surgery in recent y...

Why is Organ transplant the best in India?

What makes India one of the preferred countries for medical tourism worldwide is its critical care specialization. Its patient-focused and yet cost-effective care is available for safe organ transplants, which in turn, are life-saving to critical care patients. Here’s a look at the reasons why thousands of medical tourists trust India with med...

India – The destination to recovery for Cardiology patients

With cost-effective patient focused care, India is one of the top 5 countries for medical tourism. One of the main reasons that drive medical tourists to the country is because it has doctors and surgeons specialized in critical fields like cardiology. The study of cardiology relates to the study of disorders relating to the heart. Here’s a look...

5 Things You Need to Know About Medical Tourism in India

While India is popular as a medical tourist destination in the world, we already know why that’s the case. It provides stellar world-class healthcare facilities, the use of advanced technologies, and affordable quality healthcare. In fact, an Indian Medical Tourism visa can be applied for and procured easily. With all that being said and done, le...

India: The Medical Tourism Hub

India stands out as the rising medical tourism hub of India and currently occupies the 5th position worldwide. While Singapore and Malaysia have dominated the domain of medical tourism for decades, the spotlight is beginning to shift towards India, and a number of reasons are at play. Though affordable healthcare and advanced infrastructure stand o...

India: Your Destination to Recovery

Being one of the top Medical Tourism destinations in the world, India is known for its cost-effective yet patient-focused care that is highly sought after. With advanced healthcare facilities, expert surgeons, and world-class health services, India is soon set to outgrow its rivals as the leading medical tourism destination in the country. However,...

The most popular medical treatments in India

India has a total of 370 hospitals that are accredited under the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). Most reputed hospitals guarantee the quality of service and world-class infrastructure. India lets you find the right balance between modern medicine and alternative therapies to fully recover and restart t...

Best Hospitals in India

The last few decades have witnessed India rising as a leader in medical tourism, attracting medical tourists from countries far and near.However, what drives medical tourists to come to India is its set of stellar hospitals that combine exceptional care with excellent surgeons and affordable expenses. Here’s a look at all the best hospitals Ind...