Bone Marrow Transplantation In India

Affordable Pricing

The cost of getting a bone marrow transplant is very reasonable with Grasso Medical Tourism.

State-of-the-art Hospitals

We have a line-up of the best hospitals and doctors offering unparalleled care and medical supervision.

Leading-edge Technologies

Our HLA laboratory and an on-site molecular laboratory help us find the perfect bone marrow match.

All Under One Roof

We micro manage everything for you: travel, accommodation and treatment.

A permanent cure for blood cancers and non-malignant disorders

Bone marrow transplants have incredible proven success rates.

Patient-focused Care

Compassionate and customized care is provided to each individual, making sure their health and wellbeing is our topmost priority.

Experienced Team of World-class Surgeons

A team of exceptional and experienced surgeons comprising hematologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists ensure unmatched care .

A Second Chance at Prolonged Life

A successful bone marrow transplant ensures a happy and healthy life ahead for the patient.

Safe Surgery Under 3 Hours

Bone marrow transplant surgery is a painless procedure and completed within less than 3 hours.

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What our
Patients are saying

We wish well-being for all our patrons and take every word of theirs very seriously.

  • My stay and treatment in India went very smooth, thanks to Grasso.

    Alice Dias (Australia)

  • I had never thought that a bone marrow transplant could so worry free.

    Caroline Almeida (France)

  • They took care of everything. And our 24X7 attendant, Ramesh, was a blessing.

    Toman Lewis (Spain)

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    Michael Smith

    Backend Developer
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    UI Developer

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